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In the construction of smart grid, intelligent power distribution is an indispensable and important component. The intelligent features of intelligent power distribution can not only greatly reduce the difficulty of grid operation management, but also control and relieve personnel. Stress is especially important.
Founded in 1998, Zhejiang Sitron Power Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on providing safe, intelligent, efficient and convenient power distribution integration services. With leading technology, it opens the digital era of power distribution systems, making energy supply more reliable, more efficient and more efficient. Convenient. Sitron Technology introduces a smart miniature circuit breaker with small size, modularity, high breaking, long life, wireless communication and remote control, which realizes seamless connection of circuit control, leads the industry technology and brings new wisdom experience.
The products developed by Zhejiang Sitron Power Technology Co., Ltd. realize accurate display of current, voltage and power. Let the current change, voltage fluctuations, load power consumption more clearly. It is equipped with a power statistics function, supports billing amount setting, quickly queries historical data, and controls power consumption status. With an impeccable protection mechanism, it provides peace of mind protection. The 玖 玖 circuit breaker is equipped with a threshold protection setting. When the electrical parameter in the line exceeds the set value, the product immediately enters the protection state. Structurally, the thermal overload protection is firm and the agile response of the transient protection upholds all the features of the original circuit breaker. Powerful leakage protection function, extremely fast tripping action, effectively protect personal safety. And through sharing, the distribution of permissions and multi-channel control.

Operational status


The company has two state-of-the-art circuit breaker automatic production lines, automatic production line assembly automatic riveting, automatic calibration, automatic pressure detection, automatic coding, automatic pad printing, automatic operation detection, automatic verification in one Intelligent mechanized production line. With an annual output of more than 800,000 units, they have already met the maximum supply requirements of the State Grid and China Southern Power Grid.


Company philosophy

Today, we are still striving for excellence, constantly improving in the process of pursuing excellence, adhering to the business philosophy of "integrity management, cooperation and win-win". While the business continues to expand, the company is fully committed to the "impressed service" philosophy, customer-oriented, and practice social responsibility with practical actions. Contribute to the customer, the partner, the employee, and the public.
"Integrity, pragmatism, hard work, innovation", think of people, sincerely go hand in hand with the elites from all walks of life to create a better future!

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