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4G circuit breaker

Rated voltage:AC230V(1P, 2P)/ AC400V(3P, 4P)

Rated frequency:50Hz

Pole number:1P, 2P, 3P, 4P

Pollution level: Level 2

Protection level:IP20

Shell class rated current:125A

Rated current: 125A, 100A, 80A, 63A, 40A, 32A

Instantaneous tripping:C

Rated impulse withstand voltage:6000V

Control level voltage:AC220V

Execution Criteria:GB 10963.1, IEC 60898-1, GB/T 21706

Control mode: work mode, pairing mode

Phase leakage current: Steady current consumed per phase line ≤0.2mA

Dimensions: in line with State Grid "Q/GDW 11421-2015", South Network "Market [2016] No. 43 Annex 1"

Drop test: in accordance with GB/T4857.18

EMC Test: in accordance with GB/T 18499-2008

Surge test: in accordance with GB/T 17626.5 voltage 4.0kV (±10%)

Transient oscillating current: in accordance with GB/T 18499 400V 200A

Fast transient bursts: in accordance with GB/T 18499 4kV

RF electromagnetic field radiation: in accordance with GB/T 18499 Level 3

Common mode conducted disturbance: in accordance with GB/T 18499 1kHz ~ 150kHz

Electrostatic discharge: in accordance with GB/T 18499 air discharge 15kV contact discharge 8kV

Mechanical life:>12000

Electric life:>6500

Insulated Housing:PA66-DSM

Moving contact:AgNi10

Static contacts:AgCdo15

Arc extinguishing device:Q235-A

Extreme use temperature:-40°C~+70°C

Rated short-circuit breaking capacity:In 80: Icn=10kA Ics=7.5kA, In 125:Icn=6kA Ics=6kA

Dust test: in accordance with GB 4208, 8h

Salt spray test: in accordance with GB/T 2423.17, 48h

Professional benefits: Higher metrics, wider application environment, and more stable operation

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